INFOGRAPHIC: How Kids Are Using Technology

What does it mean for children's ministries?

by Mark Entzminger/ January 30, 2015

Over the past few days we’ve been looking into some of the latest statistics and insights into today’s generation of kids in our ministries. One of the biggest things impacting this generation is technology.

A few weeks ago, I ran across this fascinating article that provided an in-depth look at how kids are using technology: Infographic: How Kids Are Using Technology

Why is this information important for kids’ ministry leaders?

  • Effective communication starts by knowing our audience. In order to reach Generation Z, we have to be aware of how they process information and what kinds of messages really hit home with them.
  • It enables us to show kids they can engage with Scripture in a way they are familiar and comfortable with. They can use devices and apps to grow in their walks with Christ. The Holy Spirit is not intimidated by technology. We shouldn’t be either!

What does this mean for our ministries?

This generation uses technology in a way that is unprecedented. Unlike previous generations, today’s kids have grown up with handheld devices and screens small enough to fit in their little hands. We must realize that screens are another, increasingly important, communication method today’s kids are using to learn, grow, and communicate.

However, more technology isn’t the solution to more effective kids’ ministry. Like any communication method, it can be extremely beneficial or incredibly harmful. In fact, some experts have leaned heavily on the idea that too much technology can be bad for the brain.

As leaders who are passionate about reaching this generation for Christ, it is important for us to recognize these trends, and consider how we can leverage them to enhance our ability to connect kids to the gospel. Does this mean we totally abandon traditional methods to chase the silver bullet of technology? Absolutely not! But we should consider how to step into culture and maximize the tools we have in order to impact this generation.

How will you use technology to reach kids with the gospel?