Transformed to Be World Transformers

The Holy Spirit's activity in kids

by Glorious Shoo/ September 25, 2015

Regardless of nationality, children across the world are learning to operate as agents of spiritual transformation. As they learn to operate through the power of the Holy Spirit, not only are they being transformed, but they also become transformers for those around them. The painful truth is that almost all of us who are here today won't be here in the next century. Yet God remains, and He will pour out his Spirit upon all flesh. Children are not left out of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.   

My wife Josephine and I were teaching in the Bible college when the Lord spoke to us to say that we should raise Him an army. I knew exactly what he meant. So we resigned from teaching in the Bible college and started using our small rented house to start a Christian boarding school. The purpose was to help orphans and needy children while raising them to be an army that will hear and follow the voice of God in their lives.  

We started with 14 children, but by the end of that year we had about 41 children in our home. Children began to learn to hear the voice of God through prayer and studying the Word of God. They would memorize a verse every day. Now as I am writing we have about 400 students from kindergarten through high school.  

These children have been so powerful in reaching out to the lost and in touching the needs of those around us. One weekend as they were preparing to minister in a hospital, a girl by the name of Peninah from the lower elementary school prayed that she would see a miracle that day. As they started praying for the sick people in the hospital, Peninah saw one young man, Robert, who was not able to sit by himself and could not even eat. After the group had left, Peninah felt an urge to go back and pray for him. She boldly asked Robert to nod if he would like to receive Jesus Christ. Robert was nodding his head to show that in his heart he was repeating the sinner’s prayer. In the middle of the prayer, Robert started speaking and finally could get up and eat. He walked that same day!   

Another girl, Ummy, from a Muslim family, asked if we could go and pray for her sick mother. A group of students and the ministers went to pray. The Lord healed that Muslim mother instantly. Many Muslims in that area were prayed for and healed. Now they form a big group of believers who are part of our local church.


One evening after the normal praise, worship, and prayer in the girls’ dormitory, they all headed to bed as usual. But after they were asleep, robbers began to break into the dormitory. While the robbers were trying to push open the gate, our watchman saw a great, bright light fill the area. Then he heard people running and screaming, loud enough to wake some of the girls. 

The next morning, some men from the village met with some of our boys from the school and asked them, “What kind of powers do you use to guard your area?” They said that they were passing by the girls’ dormitory when huge men, taller than our gate, jumped from inside and started chasing them until they reached the main road. We believe angels chased the men away from the girls’ dormitory.