The Value of Men in Kids' Ministry

The impact they make

by Rob Purcell/ June 10, 2016

While this topic may elicit a slew of thoughts, I want you to take a moment and imagine a kids’ ministry where no men are involved. Strange right? Think about a family that does not have a father in the picture. This, in my mind, would be similar to a kids’ ministry with no men.

  1. The role of a man in the family is to be a husband and to take care of his wife—to love, honor, cherish, and nourish his wife (1 Corinthians 7). In the same way, the church is the Bride of Christ and kids are part of the church. Men have a vital role in loving, honoring, cherishing, and nourishing the kids in your ministry.
  2. The role of a man in the family is to “bring children up in the training and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). Men are considered the leader of the home and the primary figure for a child to know God as their Heavenly Father. This in turn delineates all the functions of a father. Training, discipline, protection, etc.—all are natural functions that take place in children’s ministry.

Two primary places I have seen this played out are in schools and church. In the past, I have seen schools specifically request male tutors for reading. Schools have a high demographic of female teachers, principals, and counselors, but few male role models. Add in the lack of fathers in many homes, and you see the morale of many young boys being low. Just the fact that a man would tutor boys raises their scores and encourages them in their schooling.

You can quickly tie this in with churches and their nurseries. Why do many encourage only females in their nurseries? Nurseries are instrumental in the genesis of children’s spiritual development. They need men.

Another place is in the Royal Rangers program. In all my time as a kids’ pastor, I have never seen a more effective program in reaching kids in fatherless homes. Here, men play such a vital role in impacting young boys and aiding them in becoming godly men and fathers.

So, whether in the nursery, Royal Rangers, or out in the community, men are needed in our kids’ ministries. I think the health of future families and future churches depends on it.