The Heart That Loves God’s Word

Does it make a difference?

by Scott Berkey/ October 22, 2015

I love teaching kids God’s Word. One of my favorite things as both a dad and a children’s pastor is to hear my little girls quote Scripture. They participate in a program at our church where they compete over questions and answers from a set of Bible knowledge questions. Tears regularly fill my eyes when they start quoting a passage of Scripture. As a dad, I love hearing my kids quote Scripture because I know God’s Word will be there for them long after their mom and I are gone. As their kids’ pastor, I love hearing them quote Scripture because I know the Word of God hidden in their hearts shapes their worldview. 

The other day though, I was asked a question. It was a simple question, but one that I truthfully hadn’t given much thought. The question was this: What happens when you teach a child to fall in love with God’s Word? There are lots of great reasons for teaching kids to love God’s Word, but reality is we don’t really know what will happen when we teach kids to fall in love with God’s Word. We can certainly see what has happened in the lives of kids who have grown up loving God’s Word, and we can even see the devastating effects of life without God’s Word, but how do we know for sure what will happen to each and every kid? We don’t. 

I’m not sure if you have seen or heard of the “If you give” books, but they provide kids with a fun way to look at what might happen because of the choices they make.  So here you go, this is what might happen if you teach a child to fall in love with God’s Word:

When she discovers this, she will start to look for the principles hidden in the verses. 

When she finds the principles hidden in the verses, she will begin to hide them in her heart. 

Hiding them in her heart will almost certainly lead to applying them to her life.

As she applies them to her life, other people will begin to notice that her life has purpose. 

When they notice that her life has purpose, they’ll probably wonder why she makes the choices she does.

When they wonder why she makes these choices, she’ll teach them to fall in love with God’s Word.

Do you regularly teach kids to love God’s Word?