The “Aha!” Moment

Creating opportunities for involvement

by David Boyd/ July 22, 2015

Have you ever had an “Aha!” moment? Chances are, you have. Kids have them too. In fact, kids are always learning so many new things about life that their “Aha!” moments come frequently.

As children’s pastors, we often get reports about kids’ “Aha!” moments. Many such testimonies revolve around the kids’ missions giving, when they realize that their offerings translate into lost souls being led to Jesus and their sacrifices are helping to bring Jesus’ message to someone on the other side of the world.

This kind of “Aha!” moment is a special blessing, not just to the kids in your children’s church but also to those who receive the benefit of missions giving. But how can you instigate such “Aha!” moments in the spirits of your children?

Parents can foster it by sharing their own “Aha!” moments with their kids. Model the behaviors that your “Aha!” moments have led you to do. Let your kids in on the secret. Tell them what God revealed to you and how you are acting on it. Let them share the excitement you feel.

Children’s pastors can help as well. You can lead the kids in your church to see and understand the great needs in the world. Talk about those who don’t have the opportunity to hear the gospel message freely. Talk about those who don’t have food to eat, clothes to wear, or clean water to drink. Talk about kids who have to live with no hope.

Often such needs are only presented to the adults in our churches. But this is a mistake. The Holy Spirit works on the hearts of kids as much as adults. The kids in our churches will get it. When they are made aware of the needs in the world, their hearts will fill with compassion.

Kids are often quick to want to do something about it. Their “Aha!” moments come when they realize they can do something about it. Kids come up with their own ideas about how they can help. Some do extra chores to earn funds for missions. Some give up Christmas and birthday money. Some make crafts and sell them.

You might be surprised to see how willing kids are to sacrifice in order to help others once that “Aha!” moment has struck them. Look for ways to create opportunities for it to happen.

What steps can you take to incorporate missions into your children’s ministry?