Summer Activity Ideas

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by Mark Entzminger/ April 18, 2016

Kids look forward to the freedom that comes with summer break. Your church can take an active part in helping provide quality ministry experiences during kids’ break from school. Here are just a few examples:

Summer Camp: This is the granddaddy of them all! It’s been said that one week of summer camp is equivalent to one year’s worth of church services. While I’m not sure we can validate this statement, I do believe the spiritual impact of a summer camp in a different environment should not be missed! Parents and church leaders should make a commitment to their children that they will do whatever they need to in order to ensure that no child misses camp.

Missions Outreach: There is growing interest in empowering children and families to participate in missions experiences. Churches can facilitate this by setting up one-day service projects or even longer trips to a nearby community to help another church.

Vacation Bible School: Capitalize on the time kids have out of school while their parents still need to work. Provide a themed VBS outreach filled with activities kids will love.

Sports Camp Outreach: Summer is a great time to get kids outside and active. MEGA Sports Camp provides all that leaders need to coordinate a weeklong outreach. It is similar in style to a VBS but utilizes sports instead. Sports and faith are great companions. MEGA Sports Camp users report a high number of visitors attending their outreach who do not come from a church background. This is a great week investment in your church’s summer ministry.

Backyard Parties: Encourage families to get together and create events that kids will love right in their own backyards. Provide them with simple devotional content and a couple of activity ideas so you set up parents to make memories with their children and have a spiritual impact in their neighborhoods.

Whatever you do this summer, be sure to keep two things in mind. First, have a good strategy in place to help ensure every kid can participate—regardless of financial status. Second, keep your overall ministry strategy in focus and use the ideas that best fit your church.

What summer activities do you have planned for your kids’ ministry?