Summer Activities for Girls

Explore, create and build memories

by Heather Marble/ April 21, 2016

“Bees’ll buzz, kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz.” I promise I won’t finish singing the entire song “Summer” from the movie Frozen, but summer is one of my most favorite seasons! Growing up I remember days spent on the lake, times with my family, barbecues, swimming in the pool, and going for walks. Summer is a BLAST and such a key time for families to get outside and spend some quality time together! Something other than being stuck inside watching Frozen one more time, summer gives kids a chance to explore and build relationships with other kids their age. Here are a few things that I loved about summer and some ideas for you to share with your daughters. 

Pedicures for Flip-Flops: This is one summer “must-do” with your daughter. During a mother/daughter date, stop and get pedicures. Not only are they relaxing, but your toes will look adorable in flip-flops. 

Chalk Creations: One of the coolest ideas I have experienced is allowing kids to draw with chalk on a trampoline, if you have one. It is so much fun, and the first rain will wash it off. Other ideas include jumping hopscotch or seeing who can jump the furthest. 

Swimming and Pool Parties: Pools are an amazing way to cool down and build relationships with neighborhood kids. Invite the school friends that your kids might be missing during summer. Cook some hot dogs or hamburgers and have everyone bring a dish to pass. Enjoy the time of fellowship and playing some of your favorite pool games: Marco Polo, Cannonballs, Handstands, etc. Summer is the perfect time to splish and splash. 

Squirt Gun Painting: One of my favorite ideas is taking your outdoor clothesline and pinning long sheets of paper to them. Then have your girls take squirt guns filled with kid-friendly paint mixed with water and shoot it at the paper. It makes such fun art projects while being outside. Another painting craft is mixing food coloring with bubbles and then blowing them against the paper and seeing the splattered marks turn into art! 

Backyard Movie Nights and Bonfires: One of my friends bought a cheap projector, and after the sun goes down he puts a movie in to watch on the side of his house. It is one of the coolest experiences! Partner that with a small bonfire and it makes for the perfect evening under the stars. (If you have never had a s’more with a peanut butter cup, do so, it will change your life.) 

Family Hikes/Walks: Another fun thing to do with your daughters over the summer is to spend some time outside hiking or going for an evening walk. It is the perfect time to stay active and enjoy the warmth!

Summer is the time to explore, create, and most importantly build memories that last. Spending time together is one of those things that will make your daughter’s summer even brighter!