Stop Merely Teaching about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Let kids experience Him

by Mark Entzminger/ April 29, 2016

If you are as concerned as I am about each generation having an experience with the Holy Spirit that introduces them to the power He gives to spread the gospel, then this post is for you. We as children’s leaders must come to the point where we stop teaching about the baptism in the Holy Spirit only when there is a special service at camp or only when the curriculum brings up the topic. Our kids deserve more! 

Are you modeling what it means to be fully surrendered to the power of the Holy Spirit? Do you regularly pause during the service to listen to the leading and direction of the His voice in your life? 

When we read through the book of Acts and the New Testament letters that follow, we find a normal part of the conversation centering on the concept of “Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?” Receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit is something that Jesus intended to be simple. 

Each and every ministry encounter (let’s think beyond the children’s service time) should be marked by an openness to the moving of the Holy Spirit. Talking about the baptism in the Holy Spirit should become as normal as giving a salvation appeal or instructing children about the importance of water baptism. 

Let’s do more than teach about the baptism in the Holy Spirit on special occasions. Let’s live it each and every day!