Reminders for Moms

3 simple L's

by Mandy Groot/ May 5, 2016

Being a mom is the most favorite and most chaotic responsibility I have. There is so much joy in snuggling my kids before bed, and there are mounds of misery (and laundry) when the flu runs throughout the entire house in a few days’ time. Through it all, the call of being a mom is something to be treasured.

Three Simple L’s

Love: Kids need to know and feel love. I believe it’s important for kids to have a sense of what God’s love is like, and moms are first with the opportunity to show unconditional love to their kids. Something I say to my kids often is, “There is nothing you can do to lose my love for you.” It serves as a reminder to them, and even me, that when they do mess up (because they will), your correction will be blanketed in love.

Listen: Even with the constant “MOM!”, “Hey, Mom?” and other cries in between, I try intently to listen to my kids. Each one expresses emotion and processes feelings in a different way. I will only know how to respond if I pause, focus, and listen to what they are trying to say – verbal and nonverbal. Kids need to feel that their voice is heard and understood.

Learn: Many things, good and not so good, are learned by watching and replicating what other moms do. Advice from others has helped me a ton! One of the best things my mom ever told me was to not be quiet when my babies sleep. (Thanks, Mom!) On the other hand, the biggest lesson I learned was that I know what is best for my kids. I’ve learned to run everything through the filter of what God says in the Bible and what will work for our family.

I’m thankful that I’ve been called to be a mother. I’m blessed that God loves, listens, and allows me to learn to be a better one.