Outreach Assimilation

A reason to return

by Scott Berkey/ March 2, 2016

As summertime approaches, you are probably planning your summer outreaches and ministry events. Summer can be very busy in the kidmin world, so it’s important for us to have an attack plan before June 1st rolls around. 

As vital as the event itself is to plan, it is equally crucial to have a plan of attack to get all those kids to come back to church on the weekends. If your outreach event is only getting kids to come to a one-time activity, you are missing out on an opportunity to disciple kids and help them grow to become all God wants them to be. 

So how do you do it? How do you get kids and families to come back to your church after the outreach is over? Here are three keys to help you accomplish this goal: 

  1. Invite them. As painfully obvious as this is, you would be surprised at how often it’s overlooked. Simply taking a few minutes during your event to let families know about your church could go a long way in helping them make the decision to give your church a try. Many kids may have come with a friend or found out about your ministry event through an advertisement. They have no idea that your church offers something for them on an ongoing basis. Taking the time to invite them back for a weekend service just might be the best investment you can make.
  2. Give them a reason. If you provide kids with a reason to come back on a Sunday, can you guess what happens? That’s right, they come back. A few years ago we began providing an incentive for kids and families to come back and see us after an event had ended. Usually it is something small, but at times it has been a big prize. You know your community, find a great prize to give away that everyone would love. You can even host an awards ceremony at church on the Sunday after an event. You will be shocked to see how many families will come back to see their kids be handed a certificate of achievement.
  3. Show them you care. My kids love getting mail that is addressed to them. We have made it a habit of sending an encouraging note to the boys and girls who have participated in our outreach events. We do this about a week to three weeks after the event has ended, and we include an invitation in the card. This is a great way to show parents that you are grateful for them having brought their child to your event, and it is another opportunity to get them thinking about attending your church.

Make sure this summer’s outreach events hit their full potential by getting kids and families to come back to church on the weekend!