Model a Love of God's Word

Three Principles Kidmin Leaders Should Know

by Mark Entzminger/ October 23, 2015

Helping kids learn to love the Bible is one of the most valuable things we can do as kids ministry leaders. But have you ever felt like that seemed like an impossible task?

There are a lot of things working against us when it comes to helping kids cultivate a love of Scripture. We live in a world thats noisier than ever and kids face thousands of distractions every day. Our culture doesnt value God’s Word as much as we did in the past. The time we have to interact with kids every week is limited.

All of these challenges are real. However, we cant ignore the need. We must do everything we can to maximize the time we have and equip parents with the right resources so that kids learn that Gods Word is alive and can make a difference in their lives.

Three Principles to Help Kids Learn to Love the Word

Here are three principles that we can use to help kids cultivate a love for Scripture:

  • Speak of the Bibles Value—Kids should know that Gods Word is a treasure and is a valuable possession. Its easy to forget that when we have so many extra copies lying around our homes and churches. But in many places the Bible is illegal! We should communicate what a privilege it is to have our own copy of Gods Word.

  • Read From God’s Word Visibly—Whenever you are reading your key text, avoid the temptation to simply read the verses from the lesson page in front of you. Help the children make the visual connection between when you are reading the lesson, telling a story, or reading directly from Gods Word. When you read from Scripture it should signify something much more important than anything else you say.

  • Tell God’s Story—Please dont ever communicate that the Bible is a collection of stories. That can reduce its power and potential to nothing more than a series of fairy tales. Kids should know that the Bible is Gods Word to mankind. It is His story of love for His creation, how our relationship was destroyed, and His plan to bring us back into fellowship with Him. Everything within Scripture points to the Heavenly Father. Make it about Him and His love for each and every person in that room.

You have more influence on helping kids learn to love the Word than you think. But it requires intentionality. If youre ready to overcome the Biblical illiteracy epidemic, heres another great set of tips to get you started.

Id love to know: Whats one thing you can do this week to help kids in your ministry learn to love the Word?