Keeping JBQ Practice Fun and Engaging

Fun with JBQ

by Scott Berkey/ September 30, 2016

Each year we start off our JBQ season reminding parents of our number-one goal for their children: We want them to have fun! Some may say this goal is not appropriate. It could be said a better goal would be for kids to have God’s Word hidden in their hearts or to have a team do well in competition. I contend, though, that if kids are having fun, both things will happen naturally.

We intentionally build our practice schedules in a way that will allow kids to make friends and have fun. Here are three things you can start doing at your next practice to ensure kids are having a blast doing JBQ:

  1. Grab their attention. Believe it or not, every quiz practice doesn’t have to start with kids sitting at the quiz box. We start our practices with a fun lesson that is both interactive and exciting. Each Wednesday night (that’s when we have practice) we have a lesson that has been developed around a specific question. We use big, over-the-top games to drive home teaching points, and we make sure to point the kids back to the Biblenot necessarily back to the Fact Pak. When the lesson is over, kids quickly get to the table for a time of quizzing. Parents pick them up from practice and get to hear all about the quiz outs and the wild and wacky games their children played.
  2. Give them a chance. Something new we started this year is teaching our kids a few questions and answers each week that they have not studied yet. These may be from a part of the Fact Pak that our meets aren’t currently covering, or they might even be material that isn’t in the Fact Pak at all. When they hit the quiz tables after the lesson, all the quizzers get one set of questions asked to them that specifically comes from the lessons they were just taught. This gives every kid at the table the chance to compete, and this forces the more experienced quizzers to pay close attention during the lessons.
  3. Get them involved. If you really want to see your kids have a good time at your next practice, let them take turns serving as quizmasters and judges. Our quiz rooms are always filled with laughter when we get kids involved as the officials, and we task our coaches and officials with the role of quizzers. Not only do the kids have fun, the coaches get to see how hard quizzing can really be sometimes. It is a blast!
My prayer is that as you help kids enjoy JBQ, you will find your kids growing in the Word and doing pretty well at the quiz table too!