Honor Mom

10 things kids can do

by Mark Entzminger/ May 2, 2016

This Mothers Day, encourage your children’s ministry small-group leaders to help kids decide on one simple way to show honor to their mom, grandmother, or other woman who may be in their life.

Before we get started, let’s settle on what it means to honor someone. Kids may not quite grasp this concept, so to keep it simple, honor is everything you do that places value on someone.

If kids take special care of a pet or a toy, it’s because of the value they see in it. If they don’t take care of something, it also shows the value. Which one is honored more? Obviously the one that is cared for.

Here are 10 simple ways kids can show their mom she is valued.

  1. Offer to make her bed for a week.
  2. Ask if you can help her make one of her favorite meals.
  3. Suggest you watch one of her favorite movies.
  4. Ask if you can go for a walk together and talk about her life when she was a kid.
  5. Set the table very nicely for a family meal. Get all your family members involved.
  6. Create a “chore exchange” coupon that relieves her of a household job that the child will do for one week (or longer).
  7. Offer to organize her shoes.
  8. Make a card for her.
  9. Tell her how much you appreciate her and see God in her life.
  10. Let her hear you pray for her.

Challenge every kid in your group to do something. Then next week, ask what they did, and hear the stories of how their moms responded.