Helping Girls Reach Their Potential

Meeting the Needs of Girls Head-On

by Mandy Groot/ October 13, 2016

Girls everywhere deal with things like insecurity, difficult family situations, friendship struggles, and so much more. What would it look like if we could help meet their needs head-on instead of reacting to issues later? Our girls are exploding with untapped potential, and we have the ability to help prepare them to discover God’s purpose for their lives.

Girls are very complex, but they all have similar needs. Here are some things girls need in their lives and ways we can help them become the young women God created them to be.

  1. Girls need to feel loved and accepted. No matter where she is from or what she has done, every girl needs to feel loved and accepted. It begins with us. We may be the one that shows them who Jesus is and represent what He is all about.

    Let’s be real for a moment. It is not always easy to love and accept every girl. They know how to push us away and how to push our buttons. But giving a girl unconditional love gives her a glimpse of Jesus’ love and creates a feeling of acceptance and safety. Ask her how she is doing and really listen. Pray a simple prayer with her right when it is needed. Give her a notecard with a handwritten Bible verse that she can cherish.

  2. Girls need to feel safe. A girl needs to know that she can be herself without harsh judgement or criticism.

    Girls need a place to ask tough questions. You don’t need to have all the answers either! Just listen and care. In fact, it may be beneficial to guide her to finding the solutions in God’s Word and through prayer. When she feels safe and can trust you, it will open doors for other conversations in her life.

  3. Girls need women who will mentor them and demonstrate godly living.

    Girls should be encouraged to be accountable to someone older and wiser. Titus 2 shows we are given instruction to train girls to live wisely, to be pure, and to do good. They need women that will encourage them to make right choices and coach them when needed.

  4. Girls need to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

    Providing a place where God’s Word is taught and discussed will support a girl’s relationship with Christ. Just as important, she needs the opportunity to discover God’s truths in her own way. We should point out the times when we see God stirring her heart. Godly mentors will remind her that His direction will always line up with His Word, the Bible.

  5. Girls have a need and desire to influence others.

Encourage girls to be watchful for opportunities to serve and follow God’s leading. When her needs are being met, the desire and need to influence others for Christ is very positive and natural. She begins to discover the girl God has created her to be.