Equip Parents to Protect Kids Online

Three resources to help parents protect kids in the digital age

by Mark Entzminger/ October 16, 2015

Heres something every childrens ministry leader should know when it comes to protecting kids in todays digital age: You have a lot more influence on parents than you probably realize.

A lot of todays parents want to protect their kids in todays digital world. They recognize the new dangers. They want to do something, but theyre not sure how. As a kids ministry leader, you can be the one to equip them with information and resources to protect their kids and teach them to use technology with wisdom.

This week, weve had some really great conversations about the importance of protecting kids in todays digital age. Today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite resources you can share with parents to help them protect their kids.

Three Resources to Help Parents Protect Kids in the Digital Age

If you want to equip parents to protect their kids in todays digital world, here are three resources you can share:

1. Internet Accountability and Protection Software—Using a software to monitor and protect kids from pornography and other dangerous sites is incredibly valuable. Covenant Eyes (what our family uses) and x3watch are two solutions that are both worth the investment. Both have the ability to implement on mobile devices as well, which is critical.

2. Insights on what’s happening in today’s world—Ever feel like you’re behind on everything kids are exposed to these days? Our world is changing so rapidly it can be difficult for parents to keep up. iParent.tv is a great resource for parents and provides helpful insights including what parents need to know about things like apps and social media. Plugged In Online (which we use often) is a resource that provides information for parents on things like music, movies, and television. 

3. Resources for Today’s Most Important Topics—Most parents want to talk with their kids about the dangers that lurk in today’s world, they just don’t know how. Brian Dollar’s recent book Talk Now and Later provides great insights for parents and church leaders to have these conversations.

Helping parents protect their kids from the dangers in todays digital world is one of the most valuable ways we can help kids grow as healthy disciples.

What are some other resources you share with parents to help them protect kids?