Engaging Kids in Ministry

Steps to Ministry Minded Kids

by Dave Brock/ January 12, 2017

Preparing kids for their future is an important lesson for every adult who has influence on a child’s lifeincluding the Church. Whether we help kids grow as Jesus did (as shown in Luke 2:52) or help them explore the world around them, we must help guide the children who come through our doors. One great opportunity we have is to prepare our church kids to be involved and engaged in ministry now so they will learn to love to serve the rest of their lives.

Local Church Ministry

Children should not have to go far to gain an understanding of what it is like to be involved in ministry and to gain the skills necessary to serve in the local church. As a matter of fact, they should not have to even leave their classroom to experience this. While children’s church sizes and styles may vary, there will always be ways for children to engage in ministry. Maybe it’s praying for or collecting the offering. Other great serving opportunities can be in your technology teams. Children love being wanted and being given responsibilities, so find ways in your own ministry that kids can get plugged in. As these children grow older, connect them to ministry opportunities throughout other areas of the church. The other staff members at your church will be grateful for seeing children and students ready and eager to be involved in ministry.

Community and Stateside Ministry

It’s important for children to learn that ministry doesn’t just happen in the walls of a church building. It’s something we are called to do everywhere we go. Giving children the opportunities to serve in the community and their country will teach that there are so many places and people who still need to experience the love of Christ. By serving, we get the opportunity to show that love.

Find ways the children can give back in your surrounding communities. Many programs, such as Royal Rangers and Girls Ministries, include community service in their curriculum. Once a child understands the greater picture of what it means to serve, their energy and passion for something can often go unmatched!

One way this can be accomplished is by organizing a community service day in which children and their parents can be a part. The sole purpose should be loving the community just as Jesus wants us to doputting others first.

You can also take this one step further by finding ways for children and their parents to be involved in ministry throughout the country. There are so many needs in our own nation! If we truly believe one child can make a difference by living out the words of Christ, then one can only imagine what a team of children could accomplish through God.

Let children get involved. If you’re not sure where they can serve, ask them where they want to serve. They may have ideas you’ve never heard of or thought about. The most amazing part is most children are eager to be involved in ministry. All they are waiting for is to be asked.