Developing Kids as Leaders

Create opportunities

by Mark Entzminger/ March 21, 2016

Have you ever dreamed of a day when parents understand the importance of spiritual parenting, and where every adult acknowledges that their attitudes and behaviors are being picked up by the next generation?

If that happened, it would sure make things much easier in children’s ministry.

If that is indeed our goal, how do we get there? One important strategy for building this future would be to begin to help kids develop today.

In Alton Garrison’s book, A Spirit-Empowered Church, he describes different levels of disciples with the highest level being reproducers. What if we could develop our children’s ministry to create disciples who in turn create more disciples?

Is it possible for a child to fully understand that when he discovers something new about God, he should pass it on to others?

The following ideas would help create an environment where kids are developed as leaders.

  1. Use kids as junior leaders in small group settings. They can help with taking attendance, leading in prayer, welcoming guests, and more.
  2. Give kids the opportunity to teach. When children are ready for the responsibility, pair them up and give each pair the responsibility of teaching an entire class one Sunday. Provide them with a week of curriculum but put them in charge of planning the entire service. This may take a bit more time on the part of the children’s pastor or other leader, but it will pay off big dividends in the long run.
  3. Include kids in event and outreach planning. What if you invited children to a meeting to hear their thoughts and ideas about effective ways to reach their friends? Or, present them with a problem in your community and ask them to pray and discuss how your church might become the solution.

A ministry that views kids as leaders is more likely to have a ministry with children than simply a ministry to children.

How have you developed kids as leaders in your children’s ministry?