Creating an Environment Where Kids Know They Can Be Used by God

by Kim Rankin/ May 20, 2021

So much of childhood is spent waiting. When I was a kid, my grandfather had a favorite answer for practically every question I asked: “Not today.”

Can I get a toy? Not today.

Can I drive the car? Not today.

Can I have cookies? Not today.

I had to wait. It wasn’t the right time or place. I wasn’t the right age or size. I’d need to wait, wait, wait!

Let’s ask one more question. Can kids be used by God? ABSOLUTELY! NO WAITING REQUIRED! 

If a 5-year-old knows and loves Jesus, when does God wants to use them? Today! Though the idea may sound complex, a calling is simply the super awesome reason they are on this planet. God has called the kids in your church to do amazing things…today!

When you tell kids they are world changers, created on purpose, with a purpose, and that God has a plan for their lives right now…you will see an explosion of excitement. This is what they have been waiting to hear!

Here are 5 quick tips for creating an environment where kids know they are called by God:

1. Tell them! Speak life over your kids. Every opportunity you have, tell them they are world changers, that they can make a difference, that God has an amazing plan for their lives. 

2. Give them opportunities! Work together on a missions project and let them see that giving spare change makes a huge difference. Have a fun event that the kids are excited about and encourage them to bring friends. 

3. Teach them to lead! Create a team of student leaders and let them help in various areas. Give them opportunities to lead worship, be a buddy for a first-time visitor, hold offering buckets, greet at doors, etc. Be sure to let them know that whatever they are doing matters, and hold them accountable to this level of leadership.

4. Show them the BIG Picture of your church! Let kids know all that God is doing at your church. Have them pray for special events and services and let them know how God answered their prayers. Help them see that they are part of something bigger than themselves and that they are making a difference!

5. Teach them to take Jesus with them wherever they go! You may not be able to bring Jesus into your kids’ schools and neighborhoods, but they can! Kids are amazing at reaching and praying for other kids. They just need the tools. Teach them how to share their faith, pray for others, and invite others to church.

By creating an environment where kids know they can change the world right now, you’ll help them see the big part they play in building the Kingdom, and you’ll create lifelong, active champions of the church.

God has HUGE plans for the kids in your church, and part of your calling is to help them learn theirs. They, and you, are absolute World Changers!