Children and the Holy Spirit (Part 2)

by David Boyd/ May 23, 2022

As kids are exposed to the Holy Spirit, and as they ask questions and hear the answers, they will begin to want to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Just Ask

Instruct children to ask God to fill them with the Holy Spirit. They don’t have to understand it fully to receive. Some will receive it long before you begin to teach entire lessons about it.


Teach It

Once a hunger for the Holy Spirit has begun to grow in the hearts of your kids, begin to teach the baptism in the Holy Spirit.


Invite Testimonies

Have testimonies of how and when various people were baptized in the Holy Spirit. These testimonies could be from yourself, other children, or other adults you bring into class or children’s church.


Make Time for Prayer

Begin to have special prayer times during class so the children can seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit.


Invite God

Ask God to fill your children with the Holy Spirit. Ask Him for wisdom and direction. Invite His presence into your class or children’s church.


Don’t Coax

Never coax children. Never have them “repeat after you.” Allow God to fill the children one at a time, in His time.


Encourage Worship and Prayer

During prayer times, encourage children to worship God. Worship seems to accompany the baptism.
Encourage children who have been filled to pray for others, using the new prayer languages God has provided.


Children Can Lead the Way

When your children seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit, they are learning to pray, worship, seek God, feel His presence, and receive His power. This can create a powerful spirit that spreads to the entire congregation as the children lead the way into a new outpouring of God’s presence on your church. Remember Acts 2:39 says, “The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call.” God wants the children to receive this free gift. Plant those seeds! Watch God bring in the harvest!