A Secret for Getting Kids into God’s Word

Reading the Bible

by Mark Entzminger/ September 1, 2016

Have you ever stopped in the middle of a busy sidewalk and began staring at “something” in the sky? Perhaps you pointed up, squinted your eyes, and even expressed something verbally that what you were seeing was amazing.

As you do this, people are naturally drawn to try to see what you see. They will pause too and try to catch a glimpse of what it is that you see. Your action, engagement, and sense of excitement had power that caused them to repeat what you had done.

Those moments are not spent trying to persuade someone to imitate your behavior. You simply have to let them catch you gazing at something incredible and you’ll see them stop and do the same.

When considering the idea of getting kids into God’s Word, the same principle applies. When you talk about what you see in the Bible as amazing, and begin to draw out of it the stories that are written and how it impacts your life today, it’s catchy.

This can work when speaking publicly to children, but it often has more power if the excitement over the Bible happens during the random, everyday moments of life.

How often do you as a leader, parent, or grandparent pause to gaze into the truths of Scripture and let the Holy Spirit reveal something to you? How often are kids around when you speak about what you are reading every day in the Bible? It won’t be long before kids will want to stop, just like you do, and see something within those same pages.

So what’s the secret to helping kids get into God’s word? Simple: read it, love it, and get excited about what God speaks to you through it. And watch kids catch on.