4 Ways Kids Can Demonstrate Gods Love

But the greatest of these is love

by JP Cannon/ February 1, 2017

Editor’s Note: February 14 is Valentine’s Day, but why not make February a Valentine’s Month?


“And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13, NIV).

God showed His great love by serving and giving, and you can help your students do the same. Here are four ideas to get kids active in showing God’s great love to the world, their community, and their family.


1. Find a missions project to focus on during the month of February. Use promotional materials, graphics, and video to present the need. Give the activity a personal touch, if possible, by getting the missionary you are supporting to shoot a quick video, thanking the kids.

2. Plan and promote a kids’ fun run in a local park or indoor track to raise funds for a need in your community. First, talk to your lead pastor to get permission. (Ask a local inflatable company to donate the use of an obstacle course for the challenge.) Often times there are needs in your own backyard that you may not even realize. Finding the right opportunity may be a challenge. You can also check with your local school board, chamber of commerce, and community centers to discover the needs within your community. Partnering with local programs will show your commitment to your community.


1. Find couples or widows in your church who need help around the house or yard. Find out what they need and make a plan of how you can help. Schedule a day to have your students and leaders serve those individuals. You may not be able to do everything, but I’m sure what you accomplish will be appreciated.

2. Challenge kids to find ways to serve their families. Have the kids write down ways they can serve their families during a response time in your service. Display the ideas on a board or table. Each time you meet, if a child has accomplished one of the challenges that week, allow each student to put a check mark or his or her initials on the piece of paper.

There are many ways you can demonstrate God’s love right where you live. Help the kids in your church discover their gifts of giving to others and learn the joy of giving and serving others.