4 Moms in the Bible

Mary, Jochabed, Elizabeth and Lois

by Mark Entzminger/ May 6, 2016

There are some great stories of moms in the Bible. As you finalize your plans for Sunday morning, consider some of the following Bible stories to share with your leaders or congregation.

  1. Mary—Mother of Jesus: Talk about her willingness to do whatever God asked of her even though it would be very difficult. Thank the moms for relying on God to help them through difficult situations.
  2. Jochabed—Mother of Moses: Hebrews 11 tells us that she and her husband saw their child was extraordinary and filled with faith, and they did not fear what the king might do to them. Encourage the women to always believe the best about their children, live a faith-filled life, and follow God’s voice even when the world makes it difficult.
  3. Elizabeth—Mother of John the Baptist: Luke 1 shares that she was “righteous before God.” What a great statement that God would make about us. This speaks to her obedience and following the commands of the Lord. Every woman can leave a legacy in the same manner.
  4. Lois/Eunice—The grandmother/mother of Timothy: There is something powerful about generations of faith in God. Paul picked up on the fact that the similar expressions of faith were seen in Timothy’s mother and grandmother, and he was encouraging him to “fan it into flame” (2 Tim 1:3). Flames can be seen… What if every mother would live her faith openly before her children?

Though you likely spend most of your time with children, don’t miss an opportunity to speak life into the leaders you invest in by encouraging the moms on this special day.