David Reneau

David Reneau

Sarasota, FL / Church of Hope

David is the children’s pastor at Church of Hope in Sarasota, FL with his wife Liz and son Caleb. He loves to talk about ministry, leadership, and video games. He went to Clearwater Master’s Commission in Clearwater, FL and graduated from St. Petersburg College with a Bachelor’s degree in teaching high school math. His goal is to develop an authentic faith in people that will last a lifetime.

A Follow Up Plan That Works

If you’re like me when I first started out in ministry, I didn’t think about follow up. All I focused on was doing a great event or service, and then move on to the next. But just like following through when you swing a bat is key, follow up is as well. It doesn’t feel necessary but is essential to pulling off a great event.​ Here are 7 steps to a great follow up plan for any event.

What I Learned From My First MEGA Sports Camp

I have led vacation Bible school (VBS) almost every year of my ministry and had participated in VBS for as long as I can remember. When I first heard about MEGA Sports Camp (MSC), I was resistant, because I was very happy with the curriculum I was using. I had systems and procedures in place to put on a large VBS without having to reinvent the wheel every year. The following are the top five things I learned from my first MEGA Sports Camp experience:

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