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Clarifying the Ships

I had this thought the other day about knowing the value of different “ships.” Each ship has a different purpose, and if, as the captain, you are on one ship but think you are on another, you could be in for a disaster. Consider the following light-hearted thoughts about the influence and position you hold.

Questions Your Pastor May Want Answers To

The demands of being a lead pastor in a local church leave little capacity to truly understand the health of every ministry in the church. So how do you help solve that? How do you build a bridge of communication and information?

Does Your Kidmin Need A Budget?

You might be thinking, “I have no money for children’s ministry, so why would I ever need a budget?” Or perhaps you do have a budget, but it’s so small you end up putting in your own funds to get what’s really needed.

5 Ideas for Funding Your Children's Ministry Vision

Shoot for the stars but be happy if you reach the moon.

The Throne of Grace

Brian Eno’s article "The Throne of Grace" serves as a great encouragement to us as children’s leaders, that we have an obligation to live out and demonstrate the benefits we as believers can access: the Throne of Grace. Brian provides four refreshing truths based on Hebrews 4:16.

Growing Your Ministry by Giving to Missions

There is no question that giving to missions has the capacity to disciple us all. Yes, the money is necessary, but it can also be the means in which you develop the people that you lead, including yourself. The change we collect for BGMC is not only a tangible way to collect coins, but it’s also symbolic of the change that can happen in the hearts of the givers. Giving to missions affects everyone under your leadership and has the potential to move them forward in Christ.