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Three Ways to Reach Unchurched Families

Did you know that since 1990 the percentage of unchurched adults has increased from 30 percent to 43 percent of the population? It can be challenging to figure out ways to reach unchurched families in our communities. If parents won’t bring their kids to outreach events or scheduled services, how can we reach them?

Strategizing Summer Outreach

Children’s pastors today have more resources than ever before to reach children who live in the shadows of the steeple. However, based on the stories I hear children’s pastors tell about their summer outreaches, I get the feeling we are missing the mark by only reaching kids who are already attending other churches.

Five Keys to a Great Outreach

Summertime is here and that means it’s time to get outside the walls of our churches and start impacting the kids of the community. Outreaches have the potential to unite your team around a common vision, bring new volunteers into play, and even help you develop deeper relationships with the core members of your team.