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Discipleship Planning

Building a disciple is a process that requires a vision and a solid plan. I first set my vision by defining what I wanted a first-grade child to be when they turned 21. What values should they have grasped? What impact do we want them to make in our church, community, and world? That vision became my goal.

Ask God For 10 Things

This summer many of us will attend or lead a summer camp. We must ask God to build our camps. We need to pray for God’s favor over the campers and leaders who attend our camps. This is why I’m asking pastors, leaders, and parents to rally their churches together and pray during the summer months for youth and kids’ camps all around the nation.

The Unfiltered Generation

Children today are being born and raised into a technologically advanced society. While this has its advantages, it also has its dangers. Access to misinformation can cause confusion, magnify insecurities, and even damage a child’s frail and formidable mind. This article focuses on four aspects that parents and/or leaders can focus on as they encourage children.

Helping Kids Process the Supernatural

We, the leaders of a supernatural kids movement, have the choice to challenge the child or hold him back. We can speak about the Holy Spirit and the giftings that the Holy Spirit has for each believer. But if we have never had a supernatural encounter with God, we will never fully be able to grow. We can’t help children process the supernatural if we don’t walk in the supernatural.

Helping Kids Process after Camp

Camp can be an incredibly intense experience for many kids. It’s important for them to process the things they learned and the Spirit-empowered moments they experienced. Therefore, we must be intentional about the way we follow up and help kids process their experience at camp. One way we can do that is by asking deeper questions.

Is Your Kidmin Marked by Grace?

Embracing God’s grace is one of the most fundamental aspects of our journey to follow Him. However, it can also be one of the most difficult. It’s easy to fall back into the trap of thinking we have to earn our way into God’s love, or work towards pleasing Him rather than living our lives in a way that resonates the truth that He loves us no matter what.