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The Holiday Event We Never Had

Along the way as a children’s pastor, I learned that a volunteer’s time should be protected. As paid staff, I always got a day off. The day off for my volunteers (from their workaday jobs) is Saturday. I came to realize that if I fill that day with ministry, it’s like me losing my day off. Sometimes it has to be done, but do make an effort to guard your volunteers’ time. Our favorite holiday event was the “Fall Harvest Party” we didn’t have. We replaced it with our annual tradition of a roller-skating party.

Winning the Church Super Bowl

Easter Sunday is the Super Bowl of church life. But talk to a coach who wins Super Bowls and he will tell you an important truth: Super Bowls aren’t won on just one day. It takes dedication, focus, and hard work throughout the whole year...

Should Kids' Ministry Take the Summer Off?

I hear it all the time from Kidmin leaders: “We’re taking the summer off!” “We are canceling kids’ ministry services during the summer and just having kids sit in the adult service every week.” While I completely understand the rationale, here are a few reasons to NOT take summers off.