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Building Healthy Kids of Military Parents

Chet Egert is a retired military chaplain who brings great advice on how to help kids of military parents. This article lends direction to any child—particularly those going through great hardships.

When Military Parents Deploy

Military kids can be remarkably resilient at times, but they are not super human. The absence of their parents are filled with uncertainty, risks, and challenges, and even pastors without personal military experience can assist these young children and youth in meaningful ways. This article lists steps to remember when working with them.

Military Kids and Your Kidmin

There is a theory about the brain that if information is to be processed, a person must initially feel safe and loved. Most kids work through this progression naturally, yet if faced with a multitude of changes to one’s environment, it may be difficult to overcome. Having been a military kid myself, and now ministering to military kids, I wanted to share some unique obstacles they deal with and how you can help them feel cared for within your kids’ ministry.