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Blending Fun and Learning

Kids’ ministry should be fun. However, we also need to be careful our ministry is not one-sided. How do you create an environment that kids are excited about each Sunday while making sure you’re challenging them to consider how the Holy Spirit is working in their lives?

The Power of Purposeful Play

Children learn best through play. Play has been heralded by educators and psychologists for centuries as the “ideal activity for the development of young children” (Cheng, 2012). Through play, as they mature, “children develop their capacities in creativity, problem-solving, logic, social knowledge, communication, self-regulation, cognitive processing and social development” (Henderson & Atencio, 2007).

Activities That Teach

Your large group or kids church time gives you the opportunity to create a space for kids to learn God’s Word in a dynamic, age-appropriate environment. The best way to maximize the time that you have with your kids is to craft an experience in which they want to participate. Here are some techniques you can use to create a large-group experience that is engaging and educational.

Family Experiences and Faith

As a young children’s pastor and dad back in the 1970s, I adopted the habit of asking Christian parents of teenagers what they were doing to insure their sons and daughters would live for Christ. I was ready to incorporate any idea that seemed reasonable in order to transfer my love for Jesus to our children. Some ideas worked wonderfully, others not so well.

The Importance of Fun in Learning

Want to know one of the things I love most about being in kids’ ministry? We’re expected to have fun. People aren’t shocked when we do things that are a little abnormal or when we act a little silly.