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Laughing At Yourself

Sometimes the last thing we want to do is reveal to people our imperfections and augment our mistakes. But in a world where kids see “Photoshopped” perfection everywhere they look, it’s imperative we help them understand that God loves us just the way we are — even when we mess up.

Fun and Laughter

Whether you are leading a family or a ministry, the same pattern is likely. People involved with their day-to-day routine get busy, and pretty soon they don’t have time to do the things that are really going to be fun. But fun is important. Fun creates relationship bonds. Fun builds memories. Fun refreshes the soul.

Laughing With Your Kids

I've heard it said that children smile as many as 400 times a day while the average adult smiles only 20 times. While these numbers may be somewhat exaggerated, I can't help but recognize the number of smiles and the frequency of laughter that come from my own three children. Laughter is truly good medicine and as leaders of children, it is important that we utilize laughter as a tool for reaching kids.

Laughter and Learning

Education is considerably different today than it was in the past. My boys are utilizing a variety of learning methodologies in their school, and comprehending things at their young age that I didn’t learn until I was an adult.