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Tragedy to Triumph

When the Guardians of the Gospel, the Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) team from First at Firewheel church in Garland, Texas, won the 32nd national JBQ championship held June 8-10 at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, Texas, it may have very well marked the “comeback” story of the year.

A Child’s Faith and Their School

For our kids, school is their most obvious opportunity to make an impact in people’s lives through the gospel. We must do all we can to help them see their school through spiritual eyes. Here are some simple tips to help kids engage spiritually when it comes to school ...

What Is Outreach?

Hang on a second, I’m going to close my door and put my phone on DND… (looks out the window and closes the blinds). Ok, it’s safe in here now. Let’s talk about… outreach events. Now, I’ve been doing kids ministry for almost 10 years and have done the Fall Fests, Christmas musicals, Crusades, Easter egg hunts… done it all. And there’s nothing wrong with those. But I found myself looking for new faces on Sunday morning… and… nothing.

Optimize Your Kids’ Ministry Outreach

The beginning of the school year is an exciting time in the life of any church, especially in kids’ ministry. The new school year creates a natural opportunity to teach kids about evangelism and to encourage them to begin thinking about friends they know who aren’t Christian.

Three Challenges Kids Face When Sharing Their Faith

“Evangelism” is a word that can make even seasoned believers nervous. While kids are oftentimes much more bold when it comes to evangelism than we are as adults, there are certain things that can definitely keep them from confidently sharing their faith.

Sharing Jesus with Those Who Don’t Believe

One of the biggest challenges I believe church leaders face is being consumed by the Church and losing touch with the world. In following our calling, it’s easy to lose grasp of the primary commission to be a witness to the world. It’s important to remind ourselves that we are Christians before we are pastors.