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Teaching Kids to Walk by the Word and the Spirit

Teaching kids to embrace the Holy Spirit’s presence in their lives is an important part of helping them grow as healthy disciples. Earlier this week, we discussed the idea that the Word and the Spirit are inseparable when it comes to knowing Jesus and following Him.

Transformed to Be World Transformers

Regardless of nationality, children across the world are learning to operate as agents of spiritual transformation. As they learn to operate through the power of the Holy Spirit, not only are they being transformed, but they become transformers for those around them.

Make Disciples!

What can we do to help disciple children at different ages in their walk with Christ? I want to suggest three separate stages of development that we can provide for our children to help them grow to become like Christ.

The Word, The Spirit and Kids' Ministry

I believe it’s critically important to give kids age-appropriate lessons that help them listen and respond to the Holy Spirit while utilizing the Word of God as their plumb line. The Word and The Spirit are inseparable in the life of a believer.

Raising Children of the Spirit

I am a missionary to the children here in Argentina. The Lord has called me to find spiritual gold in the most difficult places—places where the natural eye wouldn’t even want to go, to slums filled with open garbage dumps and horrible smells. These are the places God has called me to find His hidden treasures. My task is to find the gold, shine it, and return it to the Lord, transforming lost treasure into children of the Spirit.