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Extending Your Reach Through Technology

We live in a glorious era of technology. Our phones alone contain far more processing power than the first space shuttles. We can have conversations, order pizza, even find our future spouse—all from the palm of our hand. Even the most common individual has some of the greatest knowledge in history at their fingertips 24/7. How do you take this knowledge and make your children's ministry better?

Better Connecting with Parents

It is easy to overlook parents, but this is a huge mistake. We need them, and they need us. So here are five ways I have found over two decades of youth and kids ministry to help you better connect with parents.

Partnering with Toddlers and Preschoolers in Prayer

Sometimes we forget in teaching important lessons about prayer and faith to these little ones, that their capacity to teach us about prayer and faith is just as significant. They are not merely the prayer warriors of tomorrow but our prayer partners today. In this article, Nichole McAninch examines how kids have a faith that believes, that remembers, that connects, and that rejoices.

Maximize Your Fall Outreach

For many kids’ ministry leaders, this weekend is one that’s filled with candy and absolute craziness. If you’re church is hosting a Harvest Festival this weekend, you’re just a few hours away from getting the opportunity to connect with dozens of unchurched families in your community.

Creating an Event or Meeting a Need

Questions are powerful. Questions are an essential part of planning. Questions, when answered, help to provide clarity. Questions help you avoid doing something just so you have something to do. When first planning an event, start with the right questions.

Leveraging Outreach to Introduce People to Jesus

Every year in America the Church spends millions of dollars on outreach and yet after many of these outreaches we are left with a puzzled confusion trying to figure out their long term fruit.