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Benefits of a Husband-Wife Ministry Team

Obviously, not everyone in ministry has a lifetime companion, but those who are married and who are both called into children’s ministry have the benefit of a team effort. This article by Thor Johnson reflects his angle on the benefits of a husband-wife ministry team.

10 Common Mistakes Church Staff Members Make

If you work (or have worked) on a multiple member staff at a local church, you know that it is not always easy to maintain unity and cohesion among the team. Much of the reason for that are some of these common mistakes made by church staff members. Browse the list and give yourself a check-up…

Are You in Conflict with Someone?

Dealing with conflict is not necessarily pleasant, but avoiding conflict damages your ministry impact in ways that are often unseen. We can view conflict as a way to grow and develop as a leader or we can choose to view it as a hindrance.

Protecting Your Team from Conflict Infection

The key to preventing conflict infection is not much different from the health counterpart. Have an actionable plan that provides team members with the training and understanding of how to prevent conflict infection.

Honoring Mom and Dad in Conflict

Conflict is a fact of life. Not only will our children face it within the bounds of family, but they will also experience conflict with friends, coworkers, and unfortunately even relative strangers. One of the most valuable things we can teach our children is to respond biblically ...

Protecting Your Family from Church Conflict

Your primary responsibility as a children’s leader is to your family. When negative conflict impacts the church, your family takes priority over your ability to fix the problem, serve as a congregational peacemaker, or silence an ungodly antagonist. With this in mind, I’ve come up with some positive points for protecting your family.