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5 Habits of an Effective Leader

Great Christian leaders have a strong desire to thrive in ministry and in life. They want their ministry to be significant and successful. Great leaders recognize continually significance and success are results of good habits, and insignificance and unsuccessfulness is a result of bad habits. Find out what five behaviors to model in being an effective Kidmin leader.

Good Kids or Godly Kids?

There has been a growing trend in children’s ministry towards values-based ministry. As a result of this trend, I believe we have weakened our pursuit of spiritual transformation and have settled for measuring our children’s growth through behavior modification. Although behavior modification can be an indicator, I don’t believe we can assume it equates to heart transformation.

Paint or Stain: Faith That Won’t Flake Off

I think for many who teach children, we just teach kids the Bible and about Jesus and it sticks to them like paint. It might stick for a long time or it might stick for a short while, but in the end, it doesn’t actually change them inside. It just appears as if they have been changed.