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Helping Kids Understand and Move in the Supernatural

It seems that fear is a normal response to anything new, and that includes first-time God encounters. Zacharias, Mary, and the shepherds had to be frightened for the angel to say, “Fear not.” In each of these instances, the first thing the angel addressed was fear. Pastoring revival demands that we observe the students and listen to God. As God’s Spirit moves, move close to children when they are praying or worshiping. Be sensitive. Ask God for wisdom and discernment as you pray with them.

Helping Kids Process the Supernatural

We, the leaders of a supernatural kids movement, have the choice to challenge the child or hold him back. We can speak about the Holy Spirit and the giftings that the Holy Spirit has for each believer. But if we have never had a supernatural encounter with God, we will never fully be able to grow. We can’t help children process the supernatural if we don’t walk in the supernatural.

Raising Children of the Spirit

I am a missionary to the children here in Argentina. The Lord has called me to find spiritual gold in the most difficult places—places where the natural eye wouldn’t even want to go, to slums filled with open garbage dumps and horrible smells. These are the places God has called me to find His hidden treasures. My task is to find the gold, shine it, and return it to the Lord, transforming lost treasure into children of the Spirit.

God Is Supernaturally at Work Every Day

As Spirit-filled disciples, it’s important for kids to recognize and believe that the God who created us and loves us unconditionally is still at work in miraculous ways. But it’s not just through supernatural miracles. In fact, the best way we can encourage kids to identify the supernatural work of God is to recognize the seemingly small ways the Holy Spirit works in our lives every day.

More Than Superheroes

In the world our kids live in, the stories told in Scripture can become indistinguishable from those told on the screen, and there are many who would want kids to believe that the stories of the Bible are truly nothing more than that.

Kids and the Supernatural

There are times in our Christian walk when we get to witness God’s intervention in human struggle that cannot be explained any other way than being supernatural. Often this is a physical healing or a change in circumstances that is beyond coincidence. But there is much more than this to God’s supernatural activity. God is at work in every Christian’s life, even when we don’t recognize Him at work. Do your kids know about God’s supernatural activity in the world? What about His supernatural activity in their life?