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Summer Events Adults Will Line Up to Volunteer For

Creating outreaches that kids will love has never been the problem. But finding volunteers to pull it off is another story. So what kinds of summer activities make recruiting the right workers easier? Not every activity needs to require a lot of manpower to plan or pull off. Tours and road trips are my favorite style of low-prep activities that both kids and adults love.

Summer Activities for Girls

“Bees’ll buzz, kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz.” I promise I won’t finish singing the entire song “Summer” from the movie Frozen, but summer is one of my most favorite seasons! Growing up I remember days spent on the lake, times with my family, barbeques, swimming in the pool, and going for walks. Summer is a BLAST and such a key time for families to get outside and spend some quality time together!

Summer Outreach

Summer is my favorite season of the year. I love the weather, the schedule, and the opportunity to do something completely different in kids’ ministry. As you can probably guess, I love planning and hosting summer outreaches, and here are five reasons why.

Summer Activities for Boys

Are you familiar with the summer drop-off? You know, when school lets out and families take trips? Camping, fishing, and other family events seem to take precedence over church for a couple of months. I know it all too well. Summer activities are a great way to keep connected with your kids at a time when you might not be seeing them at your weekend services.

Summer Activity Ideas

Kids look forward to the freedom that comes with summer break. Your church can take an active part in helping provide quality ministry experiences during kids’ break from school. Here are just a few examples.