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Developing a Healthy Relationship with Your Lead Pastor

The relationship we have with our lead pastor is one of the most vital ones we will have in ministry. If the relationship with your lead pastor is unhealthy, it will have a significate impact on your ministry. So, what does it take to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with your lead pastor? Well, at least four things.

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Your Lead Pastor

Brain Dollar (the children’s pastor, who has served as a kids’ pastor since 1992), and Rod Loy (the lead pastor) share about their years of working together and explore ways of building a strong relationship with the one God has called you to work beside.

The Value of Summer Camps

There is something special to be said about going on a trip with the kids in your ministry to a place designed just for them where they can encounter God with no distractions. Summer camp is a valuable tool for leaders and should be utilized as much as possible in guiding kids to a Christ-centered life. Here are three reasons why.

4 Ways Kids Can Demonstrate Gods Love

God showed His great love by serving and giving, and you can help your students do the same. Here are four ideas to get kids active in showing God’s great love to the world, their community, and their family.

<span><em>True Confessions of a Church Kid</em> book review</span>

According to Pastor Elyse Murphy in her first book release "Confessions of a Church Kid: Honest Thoughts on Finding God and Becoming Myself," kids face several issues that parents and leaders alike may not realize. This Salubris release is a rare treasure for the hearts of young church-goers. In this engaging read, Elyse shares portions of her real-life story as she speaks out for students that have grown up in the church world with their unique temptations and downfalls. Filled with laughter, love, and life-lows, Elyse, who is now the youth/young adult pastor at Oasis Church in California, opens her heart wide to the world as she confesses her personal journey as a Christian teen. She is the pastor’s kid to whom every Christian kid can relate.

Inside Out the book review

In a world where the type of leader we are defines us, it is important we seek to become the best leader we can be—a servant leader. In their book "Inside Out," Rich and Robyn Wilkerson perfectly balance the concept of a simple read with maximum effectiveness on servant leadership and what this principle can look like. Servant leadership is defined as being somebody who responds to needs, who forms and manages partnerships to meet those needs, and who prays. When these actions are broken down, we discover the characteristics of a servant leader. "Inside Out" lists these 15 characteristics of servant leadership.