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Learn from the Past Lead into the Future

As leaders in children’s ministry, we know the significance of our job. We have the opportunity to teach kids about Christ. What could be better than that? Yet in the middle of the week-to-week preparations, we can get so focused on the details that we forget the bigger picture. Our job is not simply to ensure our 4s class has a teacher this Sunday—our job is to nurture the spiritual development of kids.

A New Way of Looking at Kidmin Challenges

There’s no denying that kids’ ministry can be challenging. Over the past several days, we’ve highlighted several ways you can overcome the challenges that keep you from cultivating disciples, growing personally as a leader, and building a healthy kids’ ministry. Today, I wanted to take a little bit of a different perspective …

Does Your Kids’ Ministry Need to Change Things Up?

It can be easy for kids’ ministry leaders (and leaders in general) to get stuck in the same routine. It’s been said that “a rut is simply a grave with the ends kicked out.” We get so busy with our standard programming that we don’t often stop to consider what is working better than ever, what may need a tune-up, and what just needs to go.