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The Value of Staying Put

We live in a world that emphasizes short-term commitments and where endurance is not a requirement. Yet the reality is this: We need a core of committed workers who can go the distance. If you’re in a difficult season and obstacles seem to block your vision, consider the value of staying put. Look at these key principles and see what God has in store for you.

3 Ways to JBQ Success

Three areas that require focused intensity for Junior Bible Quiz to be successful in the local church: JBQ practice must be fun. Parental involvement in JBQ is vital. JBQ needs long-term goals and plans, which are key to long-term success.

Naming Names

Just the other day in a staff meeting, my pastor reminded our team of the power of recognizing someone by their name. He pointed out that in Romans chapter 16, Paul ends his letter in a very unusual way. After he concludes chapter 15 with a normal “the God of peace be with you,” he proceeds to add one more chapter where he lists more than 30 of his “co-laborers” in the gospel.