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10 Teaching Rules for Effective Lessons

Teaching week after week can become draining. If we’re not careful, we can allow teaching preparation to take a back seat to administrative duties, pastor visitations, or mercy ministries. Following 10 simple steps can both keep you out of a rut and ensure your lessons are effective.

Preparing Kidmin Lessons

The Sunday morning experience is the primary focus of almost every childrens’ ministry leader. Most of your time, energy, and effort is spent trying to maximize the one or two hours you have each week to share the Gospel and help kids grow as spirit-filled disciples. Earlier this week, I outlined why it’s important to maintain both a practical and spiritual perspective when planning your lesson each week, Healthy Kidmin Lessons.

Preaching Roadblocks

Overlooking “minor” elements of your message can reduce your effectiveness to zero. It doesn’t matter how well intended or passionate you may be: effective communication is intentional, and you must master the basics before adding extra peanut butter to your messages. Let’s look at the three most common roadblocks children’s ministry leaders experience when preaching to kids.

Spiritually Effective Lesson Prep

The curricula that is on the market presently, be it for small group or large group, seems to be all inclusive. There are printed materials, videos, object lesson ideas, game ideas, hands on ideas, group ideas and so much more. It seems that there may be nothing to do but to purchase and teach! However, there are several things that you cannot put in a box or download to a computer when it comes to effective teaching.

Lesson Preparation Tips

I’m sometimes amazed at the regularity with which Sunday morning seems roll around. There are weeks it seems as if there is merely moments from one Sunday to the next. Whether you purchase curriculum or you write your own lessons, preparation requires time. It is important to prepare yourself, the students and the material you are teaching if you want to be effective.

Healthy Kidmin Lessons

While the Sunday morning experience isn’t the only aspect of your kids’ ministry, it certainly is an important part of it. In most churches, you have an hour with kids every Sunday to instill lessons and truths that will help them know God, love Jesus, and grow as Spirit-filled disciples. This week we’ll unpack some of the different ways you can plan an effective kids’ ministry lesson.