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Missions Throughout Your KidMin

One of the most valuable things we can teach kids to help them grow as healthy disciples is that outreach and missions are more than short-term projects or one-time events. How do you create a culture of outreach and missions in your kids’ ministry? Today, I wanted to share three simple ways you can incorporate missions throughout your kids’ ministry.

My Calling Reconfirmed

The AG Kidmin 17 conference reconfirmed my call as a children’s pastor, and encouraged me that if God were to bring me back to a church, I did have the tools and knowledge to pastor the kids He put before me.

I Learned I Am Not Alone

As a children’s ministry student at the University of Valley Forge, I have been ultimately blessed to have had the opportunity to attend the national AG Kidmin 17 Conference this past April. During the three days of the conference, I not only learned so many wonderful things about ways to minister to children, but I also learned a lot about myself.

AGKidMin17 Conference

The national KidMin17 conference was held April 19-21 at First Assembly in Ft. Wayne, Ind., with over 1,000 kids’ pastors and children’s leaders attending. The following is an overview provided by Danielle Christy, one of the conference attendees.

Preparing Kidmin Lessons

The Sunday morning experience is the primary focus of almost every childrens’ ministry leader. Most of your time, energy, and effort is spent trying to maximize the one or two hours you have each week to share the Gospel and help kids grow as spirit-filled disciples. Earlier this week, I outlined why it’s important to maintain both a practical and spiritual perspective when planning your lesson each week, Healthy Kidmin Lessons.

Preaching Roadblocks

Overlooking “minor” elements of your message can reduce your effectiveness to zero. It doesn’t matter how well intended or passionate you may be: effective communication is intentional, and you must master the basics before adding extra peanut butter to your messages. Let’s look at the three most common roadblocks children’s ministry leaders experience when preaching to kids.