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Celebration in the Chaos

It has been said many times and many ways, Christmas comes at the same time every year. So why does it catch us so off guard? Why does it put us all into what feels like one of those snow globes in the hands of a two-year-old that just keeps shaking? In this case, the why is not as important as the remedy that will keep us sane and, more importantly, focused on the real why for the season: JESUS. This article highlights three go-to remedies when life looks crazy.

9 Ways to Make a Holiday Season Mpact

“Because we care, we serve.” The words rush through the portals of my mind and echo through my heart. The motto of our girls’ club seems like a distant memory, but our mission has never changed. We still exist to bring others to Jesus, and service is one of the primary vehicles God uses to make an eternal difference in the life of another. With this in mind, here are nine ideas to get your creative juices flowing as you look for ways your girls can serve your community this holiday season.

7 Ways to Honor Others

During the business that comes with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, it’s important that we demonstrate how we can show love and honor to others. This time of year should inspire giving. Take some time to provide ideas to your girls about ways they can show honor for others. Romans 12:10 tells us, “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves” (NIV). An All Star Girl is a girl who honors others.

5 Steps to Help Preschoolers During Holidays

The holidays are a special time for families to celebrate traditions, to share the reason for the season, and to create new memories. Christmastime can be simply magical, but have you ever wondered what Christmas means to a preschool child? Young preschoolers may not completely grasp the meaning of the symbols, the beliefs, and the activities that surround the holiday season. This article provides five easy steps to help ensure this Christmas is one to remember for the little ones.

The Holiday Event We Never Had

Along the way as a children’s pastor, I learned that a volunteer’s time should be protected. As paid staff, I always got a day off. The day off for my volunteers (from their workaday jobs) is Saturday. I came to realize that if I fill that day with ministry, it’s like me losing my day off. Sometimes it has to be done, but do make an effort to guard your volunteers’ time. Our favorite holiday event was the “Fall Harvest Party” we didn’t have. We replaced it with our annual tradition of a roller-skating party.

Biblical Patriotism

Whether you’re celebrating the Fourth of July or another patriotic holiday like President’s Day, here are three practical ways you can talk about biblical patriotism.