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Smart Money Smart Kids Book Review

I would have to say Smart Money Smart Kids is the best resource on what might be the most commonly overlooked essential topic every parent must understand—navigating their financial future.

Stewarding the Call of God

So, how do we steward the call of God? How do we help children confirm that God has spoken to them, and help them respond with wisdom beyond their years?

Four Tips for a Relationship-Starved Generation

Here are some tips to help you create a relationship-focused ministry (or home) to allow you to truly minister to the needs of this generation.

Three Questions to Revolutionize Small Groups and Minivans

What if we could help every small group leader, every spiritual leader in the home, and anyone who is interested in making a lasting impact on the next generation with just three strategic questions?

Making Sure Your Children’s Ministry Discipleship is Balanced

Trends and fads in discipleship come and go. However, securing faith in the hearts of the next generation must be built on a foundation that will withstand the tidal wave of culture.

A Healthy Kidmin Is A Condition

A healthy ministry is not a destination you arrive at, but a direction your decisions take you.