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Christmas Outreach and KidMin

The Christmas season is an incredible time for children’s ministry leaders to teach kids about the importance of being generous and sharing the Good News with others. However, I’ve often wondered if there was a more effective way to teach kids how to embrace the Christmas story beyond collecting gifts on Sunday morning or Wednesday night and then distributing them through other ministries.

Recognizing the Hurting

Are there any poor among you? Many times we relate “poverty” with the lack of financial resources, but according to educator Dr. Ruby K. Payne poverty is defined by “the extent to which an individual does without resources”—a void of the financial, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, relational/role model, support systems (A Framework for Understanding Poverty, 7).

The Holidays and Grief

I will never forget that night. As my two young boys excitedly hung ornaments on our Christmas tree with Grandma and Grandpa, holiday music playing in the background, I sat on the couch fighting back tears. I was trying to keep that night the great family tradition that it had always been. I struggled to control my emotions, but it was too much to hold in. I crumpled onto the couch...

Is "God With Us" in Our Christmas Outreach?

When it comes to reaching our world with the Good News, most churches spend a majority of their time and resources inviting people to services and events during the Christmas season. We so desperately want these people to come hear the Christmas story. However, sometimes we forget that the Christmas story gives us a major hint about the nature of God. In it, He comes to us in the form of a little baby—Emmanuel, God with us.