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Equipping Called Kids

My heart’s goal is that, as we are raising up world changers and the next generation of church leaders, our kids would have a heart of servant leadership.

Equipped for the Call

For any child, the intentional relational investment of a mentor and leader can create a sense of confidence and courage in a child responding to a call of God on their life.

God Wants to Call and Equip Kids for Ministry

God wants to call kids to ministry. I know this firsthand because I received a clear call when I was only 7 years old.

4 Lessons to Encourage Kids about Calling

When children experience God's call, it's important that we intentionally help them understand what they are responding to. Here are 4 lesson that can help equip kids with some clarity about their calling.

3 Step Process for Equipping Kids

Once called kids have been identified, we must have processes in place to equip them.

Growing Leaders

Equipping kids as leaders begins with making space for them to serve. Giving opportunity for children to lead also means you as a leader have to become vulnerable. As desperate as those of us in children’s ministry are for help, we are sometimes our own worst enemy when it comes to giving up control and trusting others to oversee responsibilities. That apprehension is multiplied when we think of giving responsibility to children.