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Curriculum that is DEEP

Church should be fun. Watching kids laugh and smile throughout their entire ministry experience means good things are happening. In some instances, church may be the only place where kids actually have an environment that is tailored just for them and allows them to have fun.

Disciple Making

Jesus said, “I will build my church” … “you go and make disciples.” Sometimes we have replied, “God, we’ve got a better idea. We will build Your church, putting on programs and events for people to attend. Then somehow, by them attending the events we run, You can turn them into disciples.”

Making Curriculum Work For You

Selecting the perfect curriculum for children’s ministry is like trying to find a unicorn—unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. In lieu of a perfect curriculum, how do we select and use imperfect curriculum to help us disciple children in God’s word?

Going Beyond The Curriculum

There is no such thing as perfect curriculum. No material can create the perfect spiritual learning experience. Some curriculum is better than others, but everything requires some level of adaptation to optimize its effect.

Ask Yourself This Question

Is your weekly lesson like a firework known as the “popper”? It comes in with a bang, and, while entertaining, is only a momentary experience. Or is your lesson like finding the missing piece of a greater puzzle? I remember walking into my theology class during my sophomore year of Bible college. As a preacher’s kid brought up in church, I thought I had a good grasp of the Bible. However, it was not until one of my professors introduced his theology class with a visual map from Genesis to the Advent that I realized how much I did not know.

Information to Internalization

Give a child a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a child how to fish and he will eat the rest of his life. This concept has become my foundational philosophy of ministry. Curriculum and programs are important. But if we want kids to digest the biblical information they receive so they actually internalize it into their lives, they have to take ownership of it.