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Balancing Ministry and Family

Problems are guaranteed in life—some problems need to be solved, some problems need to be managed, and ultimately all problems need to be given to God. One of the hardest leadership tasks we can tackle is deciding whether something is a problem to solve or a tension to manage. Some challenges we face in life and ministry are just the reality of the world.

Rest ... an Essential Part of Christmas

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned after years of ministry it’s that being busy and being effective don’t always go hand in hand. Many times, I can be busy doing ministry, but don’t feel like anything I’m doing is really working. Other times, I can focus on just a couple of activities and feel like I’m getting tremendous traction.

It's Just Once A Year... All Year Long

A friend of mine, Joseph Britain, who has worked in the church world for over 30 years tells me often how the church has a knack for over-booking the calendar. When it comes to using our time in serving, he says, “Well it’s only one time a year…all year long!” Pastors in particular are often not careful in guarding families’ schedules or in teaching people about rest.

Give Volunteers A Break

Volunteers are one of the most valuable resources within any organization. This is true whether it is the local church, district or the national office. They are people who care and choose to serve beyond their normal responsibilities. Since volunteers are a gift from God and the engine that moves ministries forward, leaders need to honor their service by intentionally protecting them from burnout.

Rest in the Midst of a Busy Season

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone, but especially for church leaders. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, along with planning various events and outreach activities, it can be difficult to actually enjoy the season. If we truly want to enjoy the holidays, we must be intentional about building in time for rest. Today, I want to highlight three different areas we should focus on ...