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Basic Training for a Kidmin Victory

There are many options to choose from when it comes to teaching our children today. But I believe there is no greater focus for us than prioritizing the Word of God. When we choose to lead students in understanding their Bible, followed by memorizing it, they will have what they need to actively follow it in daily life. This article highlights two basic questions to ask yourself.

JBQ and Learning the Cards

The information in the Junior Bible Quiz Bible Fact-Pak is the best information that you can ever have. It is the catechism of the Assemblies of God. If we could teach all of our kids this information, we would ground them in the Word of God that would establish them for life. That's a pretty powerful statement, but the key is that we must teach it to them in a way that they learn the information. We have to have a way to transfer this knowledge from the Fact-Pak to that child's brain.