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Growing Bible Engagement in your Church

We have greater access and literacy than ever before, so why do we have trouble engaging with Scripture and producing life altering changes?

4 Tips for Implementing Small Groups

Every children’s ministry leader has walked into a small group room only to find the small group leader is talking about something totally different than the scheduled lesson. As a recovering control freak, it’s one of my nightmares! Despite this, no matter how much small groups might concern me, I am even more convinced they are necessary. Here are four tips that can strengthen any small group for kids.

Get the BIG POINT Across Using JBQ Fact Pak

Gone are the days where kids can be expected to remember a three-point sermon. Most children (and adults) need one big point to walk away with. One of the things that has worked wonders in our kids’ church is combining the big point with the JBQ Bible Fact Pak.

10 Teaching Rules for Effective Lessons

Teaching week after week can become draining. If we’re not careful, we can allow teaching preparation to take a back seat to administrative duties, pastor visitations, or mercy ministries. Following 10 simple steps can both keep you out of a rut and ensure your lessons are effective.

Don’t just tell kids to read the Bible daily, teach them!

It’s definitely important to read God’s Word daily. It’s a discipline that, when begun as a child, can last a lifetime. However, we must work hard when kids are young to equip them to ensure that this discipline is effective and fruitful. This article offers some pointers to encourage kids to read their Bible at church and at home.

Basic Training for a Kidmin Victory

There are many options to choose from when it comes to teaching our children today. But I believe there is no greater focus for us than prioritizing the Word of God. When we choose to lead students in understanding their Bible, followed by memorizing it, they will have what they need to actively follow it in daily life. This article highlights two basic questions to ask yourself.